How to Be Safe When Using an Airless Paint Sprayer

We all have to be careful about the devices we use. Even if a task may seem simple like using an airless paint sprayer to paint, we should still be cautious.

Airless paint sprayers from HomeRight-C800879-Power-Flo-Pro-2800give a lot of advantages because they allow you to apply the paint faster and spray heavy-bodied coatings. These sprayers are flexible enough to cater to any painting need you could think off. However, if you want to use them, you have to know the safety precautions. After all, misusing them can lead to a lot of issues, such as respiratory risk, fluid injection, and the worst case scenario—explosion risk.

To make it easier for you to recall, we’ve arranged the safety tips, and all you have to do is to remember the acronym “SPRAYER.”

S – Spray in a well-ventilated area.

Make sure the place you’re working in has adequate air movement. If you need to use a fan, then opt for a non-sparking fan.

P – Put the safety trigger on when the sprayer isn’t being used.

If you need to pause your painting job for a while, you must turn the safety latch on to prevent accidental spray. Doing so will also decrease the chances of letting out an unintended spray while you move your gear around.

R – Read the manual.

A lot of beginners assume they know how to spray right away. Well, that is one of the leading causes of paint problems. If you don’t want to waste time dealing with a complication in the future, then read the manual and remember the safety tips presented there.

A – Always point the tip away.

Don’t point the tip at yourself or others especially when the airless sprayer is switched on. You should avoid accidentally spraying others or yourself.

Y – You should plug the sprayer into a properly grounded 3-wire outlet.


Ensure that the outlet is grounded to prevent any electricity-related mishaps.

E – Every time you spray, wear the appropriate outfit.

Wear safety glasses to protect your eyes. Wear a respirator to prevent you from inhaling toxic paint or solvent. Wear old clothes. If possible, use disposable garments. You are also recommended to use gloves.

R – Remember to use a tip guard when spraying.

In case you didn’t know yet, a tip guard will help keep your hand and body from coming too near to the tip. If your airless paint sprayer has a tip guard, then use it always.

And that’s it! Stay safe!

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