Keeping a Healthy Weight

tai chi

Getting back in shape sometimes means losing a few excess pounds. And while some people seem to have the knack of getting rid of the extra weight fairly easily, others have to work on it for weeks or months with little to show in terms of results. But regardless of how long it may take to reach your weight goal, sticking to a healthy routine helps you achieve your goal. Here are some of the things that can make the process more fun than burdensome.

Make it fun and challenging. Set challenges for yourself or with a group of friends like trying out some of the concoctions you can find in the green smoothie bible or healthy drinks recipe book you can find. Sharing healthy weight loss goals with friends who may be experiencing the same challenges as you do can help you motivate each other. Make exercise and healthy eating a social activity. Track progress together, give each other rewards and start a fun weight loss challenge that would get everyone on board.

Take your fitness activities outdoors. Check if there is a walking, running, Frisbee, or any sports club in your community. Outdoor play is one of the most fun and effective ways to get the exercise you need. More importantly, it gives you an opportunity to connect with nature, meet new people, and engage in interesting activities.

Pursue a new hobby that gets you more active. There are several activities that give you the exercise you need to help you lose weight. Think of activities that you find interesting or enjoy doing. Dancing, golf, tai chi, yoga, or watching your favorite TV shows while running on the treadmill are some excellent ideas.

10 of the Top Healthcare Systems in the World

The World Health Report 2000 ranked the world’s health systems. The great thing about the said rankings is that the best ones can provide a model for countries that may want to redesign and improve their current systems. Here is a look to the ten of the top healthcare systems in the world and what we can learn from them.

1. France


France’s healthcare system is anchored on universality. It is designed to provide coverage to all. Health care is accessible to all citizens regardless of social status. Health contributions are mandatory. The government pays most of the costs of medical care while private insurance supplements the rest.

2. Italy


Healthcare system in Italy is also universal and is considered as a right of the citizens. The Servizio Sanitario Nazionale makes free or affordable healthcare accessible to citizens. This covers general aspects like doctor consultation and lab work among others.

3. San Marino

San Marino

San Marino’s state-funded healthcare system is designed to provide low-cost services to its citizens. Equal access is the cornerstone of the system. The country also has its share of the best qualified medical personnel.

4. Andorra


Andorra and France healthcare systems are strikingly similar. It is built on the social contributions from employers and employees. Some of the hospitals in the country are among the most advanced and technologically equipped in Europe.

5. Malta


Citizens of Malta have access to free healthcare. Insurance contributions at the national level provide the funding to make the system work. As such, Maltese people have access to public healthcare services in health centers and hospitals.

6. Singapore


Singapore healthcare system is also anchored on universality. The government work alongside the private service providers in ensuring that citizens have access to affordable quality healthcare. The system is built on reaching that balance between the state and individual responsibility to have accessible and affordable healthcare.

7. Spain


Spain’s citizens are guaranteed healthcare coverage through its constitution. People have access to health care in both state-funded and private hospitals. Uninsured patients can get equal access to medical treatment.

8. Oman


Oman has a universal and high standard of healthcare for its citizens. The country has been investing on health services in the past years. There are many medical facilities where citizens can access the healthcare they need.

9. Austria


Austria provides free basic healthcare services. Citizens have a choice to avail of government-funded healthcare or pay on their own. Payment for the healthcare system is based on income.

10. Japan


The Japan system makes it compulsory for citizens to have a health insurance. This is usually done through employers. Another option is through a national healthcare system.